Policy Development

Developing a sustainable seafood policy is a core component of a comprehensive sustainable seafood program. The backbone of a policy is defining what sustainability means for you. For example, some companies define sustainable seafood as being from sources that are certified to particular standards (e.g. MSC), meeting certain sustainability rankings (e.g. Seafood Watch Red, Yellow, Green), adhering to company-specific purchasing policies on various production methods (e.g. farmed, wild, species-specific), or being engaged in improvements projects. FishWise can work with partners via a range of credible tools depending on their goals.

Other aspects of a policy could include:

  • Commitment to address the environmental issues associated with seafood sources with milestones and timelines (e.g. all, or a percentage, of products will be sustainable by a certain date)
  • Traceability protocols from the point of sale back to the source fishery or farm
  • Data collection and management to monitor and evaluate progress
  • Supplier engagement for products with the potential to improve
  • Discontinuation of products where there is limited potential for improvement
  • Education of employees, suppliers and customers on environmental issues
  • Public policy advocacy for government reform of fisheries management
  • Public access to the policy and regular public updates on progress

For examples of our work, please see our partners’ websites: